Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cake Sale!

Chris let me open my Christmas present early so I could make some cakes for a fund raiser at work.
Both of these cakes are 6IN round, 4IN tall, white cake, with buttercream frosting, white fondant, and Wilton Sugar sheets. I used my new Cricut Cake cutter to cut the Sugar Sheets. I didn't even start baking these until 7PM so please be forgiving about any mistakes you see. I was up until 3AM. I was loving the Cricut Cake.

Pizza Party Cake!

This is a cake, not a pizza. White cake, buttercream frosting is the crust and red buttercream for the pizza sauce. The cheese is grated white chocolate. The olives, pepperoni, and mushrooms were all made out of modeling chocolate. Modeling chocolate is a mix of chocolate and corn syrup. The crust and mushrooms were dusted with cocoa powder for looks the crust was also dusted with yellow powdered food coloring. This was for the same lady I made the Mario cake for.

First cake in a while. Made about 5 months ago.

For a while now just the thought of making a cake brought on morning sickness. I am starting to get over it now and made my first cake in, what has felt like, months. Another awesome referral from Nathan Brian has resulted in this guitar cake. Its chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. Frets, pick gaurd, and nobs are all Gum Paste.